"The key staff from Obama for America are translating their political success into personal economic success. If anything this points to the need for the rest of us to build a movement that gets big money out of politics so the change we voted for in 2008 can become real."

- Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen in this story on former top Obama advisers cashing out with questionable jobs. (via campaignmoney)

This is exactly the problem with @BGTX (Battleground Texas).  

They came into this state, prepared to tell us how to run a campaign, without consulting the people that have been doing it and doing it successfully with limited money / help from the national party. 

Texas Democrats are different.  They just are.  Coming in with the mentality that we just “don’t know how to organize” was hurtful and myopic, as was Davis’s first logo and the loss of momentum caused by the mismanagement of a Battleground Texas led campaign.  

They came into this state, not prepared to talk to us, not to engage with us, but to treat us like stereotypical Texans and to tell us how to organize THEIR way, which didn’t work during OFA 2008 and didn’t work during OFA 2012, except with limited success.  That wasn’t the result of us not knowing how to read OFA’s directions or not understanding OFA’s directives.  It’s because Texas is different.  We’re not your average battleground state and trying to come into any house and telling the host how to set the table, what meal to prepare, and what wine to serve is rude. 

We want help.  We need help to organize by way of money and resources, but a non-Texan led effort is NOT going to be successful.  In order for this campaign and Battleground Texas to be a success it needs to be BY Texans FOR Texans.  

The sad reality is that there is no level of fear that a white parent lives with, that compares with what a black parent goes through when their child walks out the door.

I can’t imagine the fear and the constant communication that goes on, parent to child. “Keep your eyes fixed. Don’t raise your voice. Keep calm.”

"Keep calm." In a situation that deserves anything else but, and in a situation where a white raised voice would be commonplace, expected. In a situation where remaining calm and raising a voice could mean the difference between life and death. I simply can’t imagine. My privilege prevents me from fully comprehending something that should be foreign to every person on Earth.

We do a disservice by not monitoring peace officers regularly. We do a disservice by not making racial sensitivity training a monthly or weekly mandatory practice. We compound the problem when we allow police officials to use racial profiling and then publicly allow them to backtrack on its uses. We further compound the problem when we worry more about a white officer’s loss of his position and how it will affect HIS family.

We do a disservice by not speaking up about true atrocities, by not speaking up when we see even the smallest injustice.

Human to human we should do better. Human to human we need to do better.